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Great banking tips from MAZINFO!!*TIP* - ATM & BANKING:
Don't let ANY STRANGER, we repeat ANYONE "help" you with your ATM banking. They can easily switch your card, copy your PIN and drain your bank account. And if someone is standing uncomfortably close to you, DON'T hesitate to ask them to back off ("mas espacio por favor" is the polite request). ALSO...always check the machine to see if it has been tampered with (specifically the part where you put your card in).

1) use a machine that's attached to or inside a bank and make sure NO ONE CAN SEE you punching in your PIN. Try to avoid using generic "white" (not branded by a bank) machines.
2) try to pay for your items using a true credit card instead of a debit/credit card as you will have an easier time recovering your stolen monies from your home bank.
3) check your online banking transactions regularly to make sure everything looks legit
4) NEVER use PUBLIC WiFi to do ANY banking
5) make sure you LOGOFF (not simply "close") your online banking or banking app when finished
6) NEVER let your browser (Chrome, IE, Safari, etc) "memorize" your banking login details. Train your brain to remember at least this one set of login information.
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