Why Working Remotely is a Good Retirement Option

Senior man working remotely

Ok, I cannot tell a lie. Surprisingly I am NOT independently wealthy! Nor did I divorce smartly, have a corporate pension or inherit a tidy sum from some long lost relative. Therefore, I still have to toil at something in order to pay for my room and board wherever that may be. And one of my many options is by working remotely or online. If you’re even just a little adventurous, you’d be surprised at how easily this can be set up and at how quickly you can get going to earn your keep…and maybe even see the world while you’re at it!

Here’s a great article from a young person who’s tips can apply to us more senior independence seekers.

“A digital nomad is basically a remote worker, independent contractor, freelancer: Anyone who can get stuff done from anywhere. If that describes your situation, you might have an opportunity to pick and choose where you want to work day in, day out.” Kristin Wong at www.lifehacker.com


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